About Radical Love

Radical Love’s primary mission it to provide the homeless & hungry nutrient dense, fresh foods to compensate for the ravages of life on the streets. Our unsheltered neighbors have inadequate means to meet daily nutritional requirements of a healthy mind and body. We engage in food education by offering a variety of fresh vegetables prepared in a way that make them desirable, helping people to develop a taste and sense for healthful food. By feeding people high quality, nutritious foods we seek to ask a question: Who are these people who deserve this better food? The answer is not the same as when we ask who are those who get what is leftover.

Radical Love nourishes the bodies, minds & spirits of our neighbors who struggle under the burden of homelessness. We seek to help them overcome their nutritional deficits in order to overcome and prevent debilitating diseases like diabetes and heart disease. We serve only nutrient dense foods, which are critical to supporting their efforts to survive under very high physical and emotional stress. We serve dishes with a good balance of protein and vegetables. We serve whole grains, which are absorbed slowly preventing blood sugar spikes. We avoid simple carbohydrates like white rice, white pasta, and white bread, which cause dangerous elevations in blood sugar leading to diabetic complications. Because of the fragile health of our guests, we avoid nutritionally empty foods. We do not serve processed sugar, desserts of any kind, junk foods, high carbohydrate snacks, canned vegetables, fruit juices or other sweetened beverages nor anything containing artificial sweeteners.

Radical Love grew out of a desire to nourish, uplift, and advocate for our neighbors who are homeless. We work to end their isolation and bring them back into human community. Rather than setting a table for our neighbors apart from ourselves we make room at our own. We have high standards for the food we serve because that quality makes an important statement. Our food says that our neighbors who are homeless need and deserve the same quality of food and nutrition that we enjoy ourselves, the same food we serve our friends and families. We share from our abundance rather than that which is left over when we ourselves are sated. By offering nutritious, healthy foods we strive to lift our friends in health as well as lifting them out of the place of the forgotten.