Radical Love is a meal share ministry that serves nutritionally rich food in an embracing atmosphere. Our guests are primarily unsheltered and low-income neighbors; however, we encourage all to join us. 

When our friends arrive at a Radical Love meal we greet them with enthusiasm, and offer them a seat at our table. We sit with our guests, share a meal, get to know them. The warm conversation and laughter that fill the room, the love and acceptance, these are the hallmarks of Radical Love. It is not uncommon for some who come to share our meal to call out when leaving, “Love you!” like one does when leaving the home of a beloved family member or friend. The spiritual nourishment of friendship means as much a good meal. Being in relationship with our guests teaches us about their challenges. Knowledge replaces myth and assumption; and, as deeper understanding is gained, the community we have in Christ deepens.

Our food is another way that we share our love. We focus on vegetable and protein-rich dishes that feature fresh ingredients and whole grains. We avoid processed meats and cheeses, white flour products and sweeteners of any kind. The friends who rely on the nutrition we provide already receive large amounts of processed foods, sugar, and white flour products. Radical Love provides what is missing: the nutrients necessary for health.