We share a Wednesday dinner and Saturday potluck lunch. Volunteers meet Wednesday’s at 12:30 in the kitchen of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church to prepare the meal. It is served at the former Presbyterian Church in Kelso at 4:30.

The Saturday potluck relies on contributions from others. We meet in the kitchen at St. Stephen’s at 10:30 a.m. to warm up potluck offerings and prepare one simple dish to add to the meal. The food is transported to the dining hall of the former Presbyterian Church in Kelso to be served at 1:00. Both of our meals are one hour. Clean-up takes 30 minutes.

The number of guests serve each time varies. We prepare for 50 and take any left overs to the emergency cold weather shelter, if open, or to the Community House. Factors like weather can impact our guests’ ability to make a meal. Also, at the beginning of the month people have more of their own resources, so we also find we have more attendance towards the end of the month. Whatever is not served at the meal, however, always finds a home. So know that anything that you contribute will be shared with someone who will really appreciate it.

If you intend to volunteer or to contribute, please let use know in advance. Knowing ahead of time how many hands or food contributions to expect helps us to plan.